Savannah's Pedigree


Hank-A-Chief sire of 472 reg. foals, goes back to Skip's Lad,Skip Hi, Skipper W, King, Cherokee Maiden

Georgene Cody goes back to Bill Cody, Wimpy, Old Sorrel, Old Jim, Georgia W, Bert, Tommy Clegg,

Cactus Bar Classic sire of 70 reg. foals,
goes back to Cactus Banner B, Poco Morn, Three bars, Poco Beuno, Joe Hancock

L Bar B Patches
goes to unknown

goes back to Tuffernhel, Three Bars, Chicado V, Top Deck, Cotton Eye Joe, Penny N.

Crystal Sugar Dell
goes back to Diamon Dell, Van's Royal Beauty

Gabe's Six Kings
goes back to Gabe's King, King, Blackburn, Reed, Gabe's Poco Zip, Poco Beuno, Waggoner

Pretty Bubbles
goes back to Q Ton Ace H, Q Ton Eagle, Q-Ton Dixie Alpha, Poco Star, Leo San Man, Leo San, Poco Snowflake

These are only a glimpse into her ancestors performance past:
 Cactus Banner B                   Poco Star
6 WP points                           4 Halter points
                                              1x Reserve Grand Champion

Halter: 33 pts
Reining: 4 pts
WP:12 pts
Group H: 13 pts
W. Riding: 2 pts
6x Grand Champion
9x Reserve Grand Champion
1970 Performance ROM
1970 AQHA Champion
1968 Racing ROM

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