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12 Sheeder Mill Rd.
Spring City, Pa. 19475
Phone: (610) 469-9382      E-mail address:

Horses for sale:

$695.00 For 4 Weeks (28 Days) 

For first time lessee, payment is cash only.  All others can pay by check, made payable to: Dori Wade.

Pleasure trail riding at our farm

Making arrangements for riding:

Reasons why leases DO NOT work out

  1. Lack of riding experience
    2.  Not listening to our suggestions     3. Blaming the horse
We have been offering this program for many years.  With good communication and a desire to listen and learn it has worked out very well for all.  Let’s continue with the tradition!  If you have any questions, PLEASE ask!  Any further suggestions, questions, or comments would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you 

Lessee’s Name
:____________________________ Telephone Number:__________________

Address:_______________________________            Date lease starts:_________________


E-mail address:___________________________


Driver's License Number:________________________

I read the above and do understand what I am signing.  I agree to take full financial responsibility for any horse while it is under my care and judgment.  I also realize that this lease may be terminated at any point without any form of refund.  


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