Horse Training

Our horse training program is geared towards starting and finishing horses for trail riding. More involved training such as preliminary show training can be performed, if interested please inquire about separate pricing. We use natural horsemanship techniques including a round pen and various skills adapted from trainers like John Lyons, Pat Parelli, and Monty Roberts in addition to skills that we have learned on our own over the years. In advance of your horse's arrival we ask that you tell us in writing what specific things you want done with your horse. We will teach those skills to the horse first and then we will work with you to make sure that you know how to correctly ask the horse what he/she has been taught.

We will start your horse and we will desensitize him/her using "de-spooking" techniques. This includes exposure to "scary" things like plastic bags, trash bags, umbrellas etc. This will help make sure that when you are out riding your horse and you encounter a similar scary obstacle that your horse will not bolt. Once desensitizing has been done with your horse we will then make sure that he/she knows how to bend with softly doing lateral, vertical flexion, backing and yields to leg pressures. Then we will work with these skills once mounted and make sure the horse is responsive.

Once this has all been performed we will take your horse out on the trail. We try to simulate all scenarios: with and without other horses, in the front, in the back away from horses.  Your horse will be exposed to traffic, bridges, creeks, trash cans and anything else encountered out on the trail, as well as many other possible objects encountered in their lifetime.

Once we have completed all of the tasks you desire, we will take you out on the trail with you riding one of our horses and us riding your horse. That way you are able to see your horse on the trail and how we ride him/her.  Also we will make sure that you are able to correctly ask the horse to perform the desired tasks. Then when you are ready we will put you on your horse and make sure that the two of you are "on the same page".

Requirements before arrival at Sheeder Mill Farm:

1. Before any horse is trained by Sheeder Mill Farm we require a current coggins. We ask that you have the coggins drawn as close as possible to the arrival day.

2. We also require that all horses have four shoes with some sort of traction on the toes and heels (either borium, driltex, or studs) . Many of our trails consist of dirt roads and a barefoot horse will have sore feet hampering what we are able to do with them. In addition, there are hard roads which are slippery without some form of traction.


$840 for two weeks (all prices include care as well as schooling @ of only $60/day), $1155 for 3 weeks is @  only $55/day.  4 weeks schooling @ $50/ day = $1400.00.
Additional training days will be at a rate of $60.00/ day unless special arrangements have been made.  Extra boarding only days only are at the rate of $15.00 per day.
We work with your horse several hours a week.  The number of hours per day and per week varies with each animal and their particular needs.  Some days in may be a 2-3 hour session, other days 15 minutes.  It all works out mathematically that owners are getting their money's worth when they receive a safe mount at the end of our contracted stay.

These training prices may be reduced as we find the horses less difficult and dangerous to school and handle.  Having your horse respectful on the ground prior to arrival will help cut your costs.  
Please note that this fee does not include the hay, grain, or bedding if needed. It does include the labor in the care for your horses daily needs. You can purchase hay from Sheeder Mill Farm at $4.65-$5.25 per bale depending on the type purchased or bring your own hay.   If your horse requires grain we ask that you bring your own. We feel a switch form his/her normal feeding routine is not wise. 
Also needed is your fly spray, mask, headstall, full cheek piece snaffle, and any other equipment pertaining to the time of year.
All horse  will have their own turnout. If a stall is required and additional bedding extra fees will be charged.  Let us know if you will provide the shavings or if we should provide the shavings or straw at your cost.

Please note that round pen and  ring lessons are at a rate of $65.00/ hour with owner and/or manager of Sheeder Mill Farm.

NEW:  Off premise schooling,  riding, etc. is available @ $65.00/hour. Traveling time to your location is @$15.00 additional flat fee for the first 10 miles of Sheeder Mill Farm. Areas more than 10 miles away travel rate will need to be discussed.

NEW:  September 23, 2006 We will also have an indoor facility available for training all year round.  We will also offer schooling in our indoor ring at a rate to be discussed at the time it is needed.

50% of the training fee is due the day of arrival, 25% is due at the end of the first week, and the remaining balance is due on the last day of training. All payments must be made with cash, certified check, or money order. ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED unless pre discussed.  LATE FEES @$5.00/day DO APPLY PLEASE READ THE TRAINING AGREEMENT

The fee for training also includes one hour of riding for the owner of the horse in training on one of our horses. If anyone else wants to go along with you, or if you want to ride for longer than one hour on one of our horses, our normal riding rates ($30/hr) and up will apply.  Please look at our "Printable Brochure" for all prices on all lengths of rides.

***Free online assistance is available once you take your horse home if you have any additional questions.***


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